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Upside Potential with Fixed Index Annuities

Traditional Fixed Annuities have been used for safety/yield for decades. For many clients, these guaranteed interest rates are simply too low.

Where can your clients turn to for this same downside protection, but with higher upside potential? Fixed Index Annuities (FIAs).

How do these FIAs differ from your traditional fixed annuity?

  • Options for single or flexible premium payment
  • More upside potential via a capped or uncapped index-based crediting strategy (4%-6%)
  • Many options offer 10% Free Withdrawal in Year 1
  • Ability to add Guaranteed Lifetime Income Rider
  • Ability to add Enhanced Death Benefit

If you have any clients that you think could benefit from a FIA, give Steve Dunn a call today at 973-435-3784!

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