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Annuity of the Week: Athene’s Ascent Pro 10 Bonus

Athene’s Ascent Pro 10 Bonus

  • Minimum Premium:  $5,000 or $10,000 (state variations)
  • Issue Ages:  35-80  
  • Annual contract fee:  n/a
  • Rider fee:  1.00% 
  • Bonus:  20%
  • Annual Roll up:  10%

Income riders on fixed index annuities generally offer either guaranteed payments or payments based on the performance of the index, whichever is higher.  In most cases the market doesn’t rise enough to beat the guaranteed payments.  For this reason, many clients prefer the guaranteed option.

The Ascent Pro 10 Bonus is an exciting option for these clients, offering a 20% upfront bonus to their income base followed by a 10% simple interest roll up annually.  Since this product is a fixed index annuity, the only fee that your client will face is a 1.00% charge for the income rider.  Between the healthy upfront bonus, the annual 10% roll up, and the 1.00% ALL IN fee, the Ascent Pro 10 provides a fantastic 1035/upgrade opportunity.  

Do you have any clients that are looking for peace of mind/guaranteed lifetime income, but don’t want the high fees of a variable annuity?  Give us a call today!  973-435-3784

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