Introducing Lincoln’s OptiBlend Fixed Indexed Annuity

Clients can now choose the Lincoln OptiBlend FIA to help them grow their retirement savings!

This new annuity offers four choices for accumulation potential: a fixed account and three indexed accounts – all with one-year indexed terms. The indexed accounts include:

  • The Volatility Controlled Point-to-Point Indexed Account (with spread)
  • The Performance Triggered Indexed Account
  • The 1-Year Point-to-Point indexed account (with a cap)

OptiBlend Rates Page

There is a Market Value provision during the surrender charge period. Lincoln fixed indexed annuities offer a generous withdrawal feature and a guaranteed minimum value at death, annuitization and full contract surrenders. For income needs, clients have several choices including Licoln’s optional GLWB rider.

Important Resources for Selling Lincoln OptiBlend FIA:

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