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Sagicor’s Fixed Index Single Premium Whole Life (FISPWL)

Sagicor’s FISPWL provides choices for your clients through indexed-linked crediting strategies for upside potential, downside protection and access to funds, if needed:

  • Guaranteed Return of Premium Day 1
  • 10% initial crediting bonus to accumulation value
  • Guaranteed Death Benefit with upside potential – Index Crediting (S&P 500, 1 year PtoP, 100% Par, 7% current cap)
  • No policy fee
  • Chronic Illness Rider automatically included in policy and NOT underwritten as LTC (2 of 6 ADL to qualify, 90+ days, does NOT have to be permanent); indemnity payout
  • Minimum $25,000 death benefit remains in policy
  • E-app only —Accelewriting— simplified issue standard NT and Tobacco – NO TELEPHONE INTERVIEW
  • Ages 18-85

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Sagicor FISPWL – Chronic Illness Accelerated Benefit Amount

Upon certification by a Licensed Physician that the Insured has been diagnosed with a Chronic Illness, as defined in this Rider, You may elect to accelerate any portion of the Accelerated Benefit Amount. The amount elected will be paid out in 33 equal monthly installments. The Administrative Fee will be deducted from the first installment.

The Policy Owner may elect to receive a portion of the Accelerated Benefit Amount Due to Chronic Illness as a lump sum payment. If a lump sum payment is elected the amount of the payment will be equal to 90% of the elect portion of the Accelerated Benefit Amount, less the Administrative Fee (based on state availability).

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