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John Hancock Slashes Term Rates

John Hancock Has Slashed Their Term Rates

With a reduction of minimum face amounts—now $250,000—John Hancock are primed to ramp up their term life sales this year.

Life Underwriting: Best Class Criteria

THIS GUIDE contains key information that can help you assist your clients in qualifying for one of the best risk classes – Super Preferred, Preferred or Standard Plus.
The John Hancock Underwriting Team is adopting a “Total View” of all prospects to see if they can find your hidden healthy clients. No longer will they eliminate a client from their top 3 rating classes due to them falling outside of the “box” in a single criteria. Actuaries in the industry have been calling on companies to take a holistic approach—John Hancock are out front on this issue.

Be aware that only term policies are currently utilizing the new “Total View” approach.

The New John Hancock Term is MOST COMPETITIVE For:
– Males
– Top 3 Risk Classes
– Face Amounts $250,000 and Above
– Term 10 + 15
– Ages 45-65