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On Friday, July 14th, Transamerica is discontinuing Journey VUL.

Transamerica’s Announcment:

At Transamerica, we continue to seek ways to improve our services, offerings, and processes to make working with us easier for you and your customers.

We’re streamlining our product line to focus on the products you’ve told us are the most important while developing the new products and services that you’ve asked for.

The products listed below will no longer be available for sale after July 14, 2017. All applications must be received in the home office prior to 4:00 PM ET on Friday, July 14, 2017, to be processed. Any application for one of the listed products received after this time will be returned.

  • Decreasing Term Base — (Decreasing Term Rider remains available)
  • Xcelerator Exec Variable Universal Life
  • JourneySM Variable Universal Life

We appreciate your continued support and value your input as we develop new ways to serve you and your customers better.