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Offering Life Insurance to Clients Living with HIV

Why is Pacific Life now offering life insurance to individuals living with HIV?

As a result of Pacific Life’s continuous monitoring of medical advancements, progressive underwriting approach and customer focus they will make coverage available to applicants who have a favorable clinical course and are successfully responding to antiretroviral therapy (ART).

What are the eligibility criteria?


  Ages 20-65
✔  Treated by a qualified physician
✔  Minimum one year of compliance with ART, with no lapses or delays in treatment
✔  Stable and current CD4 count greater than or equal to 500 cells/mm3
✔  Undetectable viral load for at least one year
✔  Current negative testing for hepatitis B
✔  Hepatitis C in sustained viral remission
✔  Self-disclosure of diagnosis


❌  Recently diagnosed with HIV
❌  Documented viral resistance to treatment
❌  Any AIDS defining illness
❌  History of intravenous drug abuse, polysubstance use or alcohol concerns
❌  Coronary artery disease, diabetes or cancer
❌  Hepatitis B history (including treated)
❌  Psychiatric conditions
❌  Underweight (or losing weight)
❌  Hypoalbuminemia
❌  Proteinuria
❌  Malignancy

What products and riders are eligible for this offering?

This offering includes all fully underwritten products that the proposed insured financially qualifies for, and all riders are excluded.

What factors would affect the decision?

Underwriters will consider your client’s:

  • Current age
  • Date of diagnosis
  • Documented favorable and stable clinical course, strict adherence and response to ART (minimum one-year favorable treatment
  • Absence of significant immunosuppression or co-morbid conditions (e.g. diabetes or coronary
    artery disease)

How will survivorship cases be handled?

For survivorship cases, the HIV-positive applicant will be assessed as indicated, and no HIV-related rating will be applied to the HIV-negative spouse.

How do I prepare my client for the underwriting process?

It is best to advise the client that an exam and fluids may be required, so there is no surprise during the underwriting process. Ensure the client understands the need for an exam or fluids does not mean the application will not be approved.

How long would it take to reach a decision?

Depends on how quickly Pacific Life receives the underwriting requirements, including required labs, paramedical exams or an attending physician statement (APS).