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Nationwide Suspending All Individual Life Insurance Sales in Washington State

Effective immediately, Nationwide is temporarily suspending sales of all individual life insurance, products including Nationwide CareMatters, in Washington state until further notice.

All Washington applications received after 5:00 p.m. ET, August 10, 2021 will not be processed. No exceptions will be made. At this time Nationwide cannot guarantee the issue date for any previously submitted applications in Washington.

They will resume accepting new business as soon as possible, but it may not be until after November 2021.

In order to manage the volume of applications already received, Nationwide has created a separate underwriting and case management team dedicated to handling life applications from Washington. All other states will continue to follow their normal underwriting process.

We will let you know if Nationwide needs anything on a case and when the status changes. You can expect a welcome letter when the application is set up and the initial review is completed by the case manager, along with a separate approval email. Where accessible, Nationwide encourages you to utilize the Life Pending Business Tracker located on their Sales and Service Center website for the most accurate status updates.

Nationwide’s Industry News Update on the WA Cares Fund