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LGA Canceling Temporary COVID-19 Guidelines

New Age* and Risk Profile Postponement Parameters

Full consideration based on pre-COVID underwriting guidelines for all ages.  Legal & General America (LGA) will continue to postpone for new COVID diagnosis based on exposure and clinical severity.

*Age is defined as age nearest birthday

Reconsideration Process

If you would like LGA to reconsider a previous case that was postponed due to their COVID Temporary Underwriting Guidelines, you may now send for reconsideration.

Any case that was previously postponed for COVID may have also been postponed due to other medical information.  Upon review, LGA will communicate if they will accept your applicant for reconsideration and what additional evidence may be required.  Any case postponed within the last 10 months can be reopened by your underwriter. Additional medical requirements may be required after re-review.

For additional transparency, LGA has included a list of situations and medical impairments (admitted or discovered) that are declined or postponed to help assist you with your field underwriting.  Click here to see the list including full details of changes.  Their advisor COVID-19 Response page has also been updated.