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Carrier News Bulletin: 6/28/2018 – 7/4/2018

Lincoln Financial

Learn How to Gain Greater Control Over the Lincoln MoneyGuard Submission Process. The enhanced Lincoln MoneyGuard submission process goes into effect July 9. In case you missed the calls, listen to the replays.

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Mutual of Omaha

Term Conversions with the Long-Term Care Rider. Do you have existing term clients who are interested in the LTC rider? These clients can convert their life policy at the same class and only need to be underwritten for the LTC Rider. View.

Important Info Regarding the LTC rider Supplemental App. Ther Personal Worksheet within the LTC Rider supplemental app pack asks for the rider cost per $1,000. Find out what to do while Mutual of Omaha works as quickly as possible to have this information added to IUL Illustrations. View.

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Accumulated Value Enhancement to Offer Guaranteed Crediting Rate. Effective July 1, Accumulated Value Enhancement on Principal IUL policies will begin guaranteeing a rate of 0.25%.

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New, Lower Pricing on PruLife UL Protector. Reduced rates on UL Protector provides clients with the same great death benefit option at a lower cost.

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New Index Loan option on Zurich Accumulation Index UL. Clients will have the opportunity to decide at time of application what type of a participating loan option they would like to have in their Zurich Accumulation Index UL policy. Both loan options are available in WinFlex Web to illustrate.

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