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We Have Exclusive Access To The New SCA 7

Madison Brokerage is your exclusive outlet for the new Strategic Choice Annuity 7 (SCA 7), a brand-new proprietary fixed-index annuity from The Standard currently with a 125% Participation Rate.

3 Reasons the SCA 7 will BOOST your business:

  1. It’s simple to sell; simple to explain. The JP Morgan U.S. Sector Rotator 5 Index is straightforward, uncomplicated and one of the easiest indices to explain to customers.
  2. No renewal rate dilemma. All variables of the interest rate crediting strategy are locked at the time of the purchase
  3. Policyholder guarantee. The policyholder is guaranteed a minimum of 1.00% per year interest if held for the 7-year term (GMAB).

CLICK HERE to view the SCA 7 Website with Full Details

CLICK HERE to view the SCA 7 Official PDF Flyer

CLICK HERE to view the SCA 7 Press Release in Business Wire