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Annuity of the Week: ForeCare Fixed Annuity with LTC Benefits

ForeCare Fixed Annuity with LTC Benefits

  • Minimum Premium:  $35,000 Single & Joint Insureds
  • Minimum Premium:  $400,000 Single & $600,000 Joint
  • Issue Ages:  50-80
  • Total Benefit Periods: 
    • Single Life:  72 months
    • Joint Life – Standard:  84 months
    • Joint Life – Premier:  90 months 

The ForeCare Fixed Annuity (LTC) is a single-premium, tax-deferred annuity with qualified long-term care benefits, for non-qualified funds only.

  • More Care: 2X to 3X the contract value, federal income tax-free, to pay for qualified LTC expenses.
  • More Convenience: 30 min. application with NO MEDICAL EXAM and typically same-day approval!
  • More Control: Choose how/when they want to receive care. Remaining contract value goes to their beneficiaries.

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