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Annuity of the Week: FG Guarantee-Platinum 3

FG Guarantee-Platinum 3

Fidelity & Guaranty’s FG Guarantee-Platinum 3 is a Single Premium, Multi-year Guaranteed Annuity with a 3 Year Interest Rate Guarantee, an MVA Provision, and a 3 Year Surrender Charge Period.

  • Minimum Premium:  $20,000
  • Max Issue Age:  90
  • Annual Contract Fee:  N/A
  • Free Withdrawal Amount:  Interest Only
  • Surrender Charge Period:  3 years
  • Waivers:  Terminal Illness Waiver, Nursing Home Waiver, Market Value Adjustment, Annuitization Waiver

3 Year Rate ($20,000+)


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*Not Available in MT, NY, PR, VI
**Renewal Feature:  At the end of any guarantee period, contract holders will have a 30-day window to withdraw some or all of their account value free of surrender charges and MVA. Beyond the 30-day window, a new set of surrender charges, identical to those in the initial guarantee period, will apply. Unless there is a full surrender, this renewal process will continue until annuitization or death.