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Annuity of the Week: SecureGain 3

SecureGain 3

MassMutual Ascend’s (formerly Great American) SecureGain 3 is a Single Premium, Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuity with a 3 Year Interest Rate Guarantee and a 6 Year Surrender Charge Period with a Market Value Adjustment, to optimize growth potential.

  • Minimum Premium:  $10,000
  • Max Issue Age:  89
  • Annual Contract Fee:  N/A
  • Fee Withdrawal Amount:  10% Starting in Year 1
  • Surrender Charge Period:  6 Years

3 Year Rate



*At the end of the 3 Year Term the company will set the current rate for another 3 Year Interest Rate Period. The current rate may be higher or lower than the interest rate the company sets for the term. At the end of the second 3 Year term the company will set the interest rate annually.

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