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Annuity of the Month: Lincoln OptiBlend 7

Annuity of the Month: Lincoln OptiBlend 7

The Lincoln OptiBlend 7 is a flexible premium fixed indexed annuity with a 7-year surrender charge period.  This 7-year FIA provides advantages such as tax deferral, long-term growth , and a death benefit payout with the added benefit of enhanced growth with no risk of loss of premium due to market fluctuations.

Minimum Premium: $10,000 Premium Type: Flexible for Life of the Product
Max Issue Age: 85
Annual Contract Fee: N/A
Free Withdrawal Amount: 10% starting in year 1

1-Year S&P 500 Annual Point-to-Point Cap: 10.75%

1-Year S&P 500 Performance Trigger: 9.30%

1-Year Fixed Account: 5.10%

Not Available in CA, NY or VI

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