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10 Reasons Why a Fixed Annuity Might Be Right for Your Client

10 Reasons Why a Fixed Annuity Might Be Right for Your Client:

Predictability – Principal is 100% guaranteed if held to the end of the withdrawal charge period, assuming no withdrawals.

Liquidity – Typically offers flexibility to access up to 10% of the contract value per year without incurring a withdrawal charge.

Tax Deferral – Postpone paying taxes on the interest accrued during the life of the contract, allowing more money to compound over time.

Power of CompoundingEarn interest on your principal and interest on your interest.

Guaranteed Growth – Competitive fixed rates and guaranteed rate periods mean you experience growth on your contract value.

Death Benefit – In most cases, contract value passes to the stated beneficiary without the delay of probate.

Income – Ability to convert the surrender value into a stream of dependable income for retirement through Annuitization.

Emergency AccessFull liquidity without withdrawal charges is typically available in the event of a terminal illness diagnosis or nursing home confinement.

SimplicityEasy-to-understand product with few moving parts, making a fixed annuity an easier way to secure your money.

No Monthly or Annual FeesNo monthly or annual fees means that 100% of your principal is credited to your contract value, and your money goes to work for you right away.


3 year MYGA 4.85%

5 year MYGA 5.40%

7 year MYGA 5.40%

Fixed Annuity Rates are up 1.50% – 2.00% from where they were in November of 2021!

If you have any clients who could benefit from the Guaranteed Growth, Predictability & Tax Deferral that Fixed Annuities provide, give us a call today!  973-435-3784