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LTC Planning and Positioning with Mutual of Omaha.

Join us for an informational webinar with Mutual of Omaha’s John Gibbons. Covering topics such as: -How to have the Conversation. -Why NOT to Self-Fund an LTC Event. –LTC Statistics. –Cost of Care and impact to client’s Family & Finances –Simple 3-Step LTC Sales Process. –Review of Traditional LTC Products–Secure Care and Custom Care. –Tax […]

Innovative Underwriting

Underwriting Madison Brokerage offers an innovative approach to improving the quality and efficiency of underwriting. Our broad background and depth of experience has helped to set us apart. The team at Madison Brokerage has the resources to determine the best carrier and product for any given risk. We work daily to keep up with the […]

Leverage A Small Cash Value Policy

Leverage A Small Cash Value Policy To Buy More Death Benefit USING COLONY TERM UL Sales Concept Your Client Young parent has an old whole life insurance policy purchased when he/she was a child. The death benefit is not enough to meet the current life insurance needs of a parent with growing children.

Pension Maximization

A Closer Look at the Pension Maximization Sales Concept As individuals with pension plans get closer to retirement, they have an important decision to make. They need to determine whether or not to take a single life or a joint and survivor benefit on their pension plans. This is an irrevocable choice that can have […]

Single Source Capability

April 18, 2013 Madison Brokerage Case Study Madison Brokerage offers agents, brokers and trusted advisors single source capability for acquiring new life insurance, life insurance policy settlements and premium financing. Our experience and expertise in these areas can serve as a valuable tool to assist you in identifying and implementing opportunities you might not otherwise […]

Efficient Funding of Long Term Care

Efficient Funding of Long Term Care Insurance Premiums The Clients: Mary & Joe, Ages 56 and 58, Married, Working, Assets in Excess of $500,000 The Situation: Mary & Joe recently saw a news article highlighting the rising cost of long term care in their area. The article also outlined average median costs in the United […]

Steamlining Premium Financing

April 18, 2013 Premium Financing Madison Brokerage works with agents, brokers and trusted advisors, as a single-source provider, to underwrite and execute premium finance transactions. Since all premium finance transactions involve a life insurance policy, we underwrite the insurance and simultaneously obtain the financing, streamlining the process and eliminating the need to use multiple vendors […]