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Innovative Underwriting


Madison Brokerage offers an innovative approach to improving the quality and efficiency of underwriting. Our broad background and depth of experience has helped to set us apart. The team at Madison Brokerage has the resources to determine the best carrier and product for any given risk. We work daily to keep up with the changes in the industry, and have created strong, trusted working relationships with our carriers both in underwriting and sales. These valued relationships allow us to execute in situations where others are unable. We have the knowledge and skill to see a case through from its preliminary stages to placing it in-force. Our in-house underwriters are available throughout the entire process, from the preliminary stages, through the underwriting process or after an approval. Madison Brokerage underwriters routinely review and summarize medical records to streamline the procedures and improve the response time of the carriers. We are in the business of providing creative solutions. It is not only our goal, but our job to have answers readily available to you to insure the best outcome for your clients. Madison Brokerage has the knowledge, resources, relationships, and most importantly the commitment, to insure the best results.

  • Case Study:

  • 74-year-old Male
  • Medically Impaired
  • Needs Standard underwriting offer
  • $7,000,000 death benefit

A 74-year-old male needs $7 million in Death Benefits. Madison Brokerage’s Underwriter received full medical records on the client who had a history significant for a Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA), and echo abnormalities. Our in-house underwriter identified a carrier based on their crediting program. A detailed medical summary of this case was completed by the Madison Brokerage underwriter and submitted to that carrier. A tentative offer was received within 24 hours. Madison Brokerage received a $7 million dollar application with a premium of $446,000+ and the case was processed, issued and placed in-force at Standard via the carrier’s crediting program.

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