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Updated Underwriting Guidelines at Symetra

Symetra is removing most of their underwriting restrictions, effective Tuesday, July 6th:

  • For all ages, they will continue to require a Good Health Statement.
  • For all cases up to age 79, they are now applying routine underwriting assessment and criteria. Their underwriting team will continue to conduct a thorough review for all cases with co-morbidities.
  • Cases for ages 80 and above will continue to be postponed.
  • They will not actively ask any clients about vaccinations or past COVID-19 exposure.
  • As they announced last fall for their high-net-worth foreign national market program, they have reverted to their pre-COVID underwriting capabilities (for A and B countries up to $20 million in capacity).

These guidelines apply to new formal and informal cases, as well as any submitted cases that are still in underwriting review.