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Principal Product Overview: UL Protector IV (2017)

On Monday, August 28, 2017, Principal released a revised UL Protector IV product, now noted as the 2017 version.

Against the guarantee universal life trend of premium increases, Principal’s rate changes varied on what seems to be an almost case by case basis; premiums increased, decreased, or stayed the same without any clear, discernible pattern.  Over half of all scenarios maintained the same competitive positioning, but of the remaining instances that did shift, UL Protector IV (2017) lost more ground than it gained.

Before the update, UL Protector IV (2013) found its most consistent first quartile niche for single-pays at ages 40-70 when guaranteeing to lifetime, age 105, and age 100. While some scenarios took small hits when limiting the guarantee to age 100 and 105, the 2017 version still tends to be where UL Protector IV finds many of its strongest plays, especially for female clients. The same cannot be said for lifetime guarantees.

Targets remained the same, tending mostly toward the back half of the pack.

CLICK HERE to view the UL Protector (2017) Snapshots PDF

CLICK HERE to view the UL Protector (2017) vs (2013) PDF