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Comparing Long-Term Care & Chronic Illness Options

You’ve likely been asked by a client about the differences between the various forms of Long-Term Care(LTC) and Chronic Illness(C.I.) options available.

“What’s different between a C.I. rider and an LTC rider on a life insurance policy?” 

“Do I need life insurance with an LTC rider or a hybrid life insurance and LTC policy?”  

Make The Right Decision For Your Client

Deciding which option is best for your client is essential, and it depends on their health condition and current financial situation.  Use our 2-page PDF to learn about the key differences between:

  • Traditional Long-Term Care (LTC) Insurance
  • Hybrid LTC and Life Insurance
  • Life Insurance with an LTC Rider
  • Life Insurance with a Chronic Illness Rider

Discover which carriers offer each, their pros and cons, and how you can secure the financial protection of your client with the best option available to them.  Contact Madison Brokerage to speak with an expert today for more details.

Comparing Long-Term Care & Chronic Illness Options