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Carrier News Bulletin: 10/18/2018 – 10/24/2018


Accident & Health Product Sales Being Discontinued.

AIG has made the decision to discontinue sales of its remaining Accident & Health products available through American General Life Insurance Company, effective November 30, 2018.

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American National

Agent Alert: Signature Term Reprice.

American National announces new premium rates for Signature Term Life Insurance series, effective November 1, 2018 in all states except New York!

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Less Touchpoints Mean Faster Turnaround Times.

AXA is improving new business workflow to reduce the number of touchpoints while underwriting your new business applications. Effective October 22, 2018.

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Asking Questions That Don’t Apply Will Soon Be A Thing Of The Past.

Beginning October 27, Securian’s eApp will be tailored to applicants based on their demographic information and the product they are applying for. The questionnaire you provide to clients will also be customized, so they provide all the information you need to submit an application.

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Underwriting Update: No Inspection Reports Or EKGs Up To $10M

Zurich announces two key improvements to underwriting guidelines, effective immediately:
• Traditional Inspection Reports are no longer required up to $10 million of face amount through issue age 70.
• EKGs are no longer required up to $10 million of face amount.

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