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Allianz’s New Index Solution

Give your clients the potential to capture market upside while mitigating downside risk – even in a market of rising interest rates – with Allianz’s newest index solution that leverages the expertise of PIMCO, experts in managing volatility.

As of March 1, 2016, the new PIMCO Tactical Balanced Index is now available as an index allocation option in most states on:

It offers an innovative approach to managing volatility:

  • Dynamically allocates daily between the S&P 500 Index; a bond component comprised of the PIMCO Synthetic Bond Index and a duration overlay; and cash.
  • Available with both annual point-to-point with a cap and annual point-to-point with a spread crediting methods.
  • Leverages PIMCO’s expertise in managed volatility and quantitative strategies – and available only with Allianz Preferred.

Don’t forget that the premium bonus on Allianz 222 Annuity is now at 20% – an increase from the pre-Premium+ event bonus – and the bonus will continue to be at 20% with the recent launches!

View the March Rate Watch to see launch rates and contact Madison Brokerage today to hear more.

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