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Genworth Growth+ Now Available in New Jersey

Genworth’s SecureLiving Growth+ with IncomeChoice Rider is now available in New Jersey

This is the newest addition to the SecureLiving portfolio of index annuities designed to help clients prepare for the unpredictability of retirement.  This product offers clients the opportunity to grow their retirement money through four index based crediting strategies based on the S&P 500 Index—as well as a fixed interest crediting strategy, and protect their money from downturns in the market.

The IncomeChoice Rider, automatically included for an annual charge, gives clients access to a guaranteed stream of lifetime withdrawals based on their needs when they retire.

Growth Potential… with Protection

  • 50% Interest Credit Enhancement during Deferral
  • Innovative Bailout Renewal Protection
  • Patent-pending 2-Year Trigger Strategy

Lifetime Income… with Choice

  • Level or Rising Income
  • Income Doubled if Confined* plus Exclusive Caregiver Support**
  • Start Income at Any Time During the Year

6 Distinct Differences

  1. 50% Credit Enhancement
  2. 2-Year Trigger Crediting Strategy
  3. Renewal Protection with a Bailout
  4. Choice of Increasing or Level Income Option
  5. Enhanced Withdrawal Limit and Caregiver Support Services
  6. Begin Income Anytime

Create growth potential for their contract value, guaranteed income, and death benefit by taking advantage of positive changes in the index with 4 index crediting strategies and during deferral, while the Income Choice rider is in effect, a 50% interest credit enhancement to any index interest credit and any fixed interest credit rate.

Learn about the six distinct differences to this unique approach to retirement income by exploring the following PDF.

CLICK HERE to download the PDF